History of Soviet Sparkling Wine


The first champagne wine appears in the province of Champagne. Monk Pierre Pérignon lays the foundations of modern sparkling wine.


The first appearance of Russian sparkling wines in Crimea. Production of “Ai-Danil” sparkling wine launched at a plant belonging to Prince Vorontsov.


Production of domestic sparkling wine is established by Prince Golitsyn – the founding father of “Russian Champagne”.


The “Soviet Champagne” trademark created with the support of the Council of National Economy.


Construction of wineries started in the largest cities of the USSR and mass production of “Soviet Champagne” launched.


Registration of “Soviet Sparkling” trademark, under which “Soviet Champagne” is exported to the West.

Soviet Sparkling Wine Facts

2 million bubbles per glass

120 km/hour the speed of a flying cork

°C optimal serving temperature

130 million bottles consumed annually